Fondos de Inversión Trea Cajamar

Eduardo Ripollés, responsable de Desarrollo de Negocio en Trea AM, habla de la alianza CAJAMAR – Trea Asset Management, y de la amplia oferta disponible de Fondos de Inversión.



Why funds are feeling bullish (by Private Debt Investor)

Corporate lending in Spain has traditionally been dominated by the banks, but in the SME space fund managers are finding gaps to exploit. Andy Thomson (PDI) reports.

[…] Many see the best opportunity for private debt providers at the small to mediumsized end of the market, where the banks have their fill of credits, demand for financing from borrowers is strong, spreads are wider and deals are of a non-sponsored nature. “The lower mid-market will grow quite fast as a private debt opportunity because there is a huge need and very few players,” says Ignacio Diez, founding and managing partner at Trea Direct Lending.